Cyber Security & Resilience

  • Secure telecom solutions
  • IT vulnerability assessments
  • Technology risk solutions


Security threats to businesses have been increasing, developing in complexity and their ability to weaken business performance.
Often, growing companies overlook gaps in their governance structures that pose potentially catastrophic risks if not addressed.
Secure systems are not only more robust and efficient, enhancing confidence in customers, suppliers and shareholders, but can also increase profitability by reducing losses and avoiding legal liabilities.
Fernhill will work with you to understand potential security risks and implement a number of simple procedures to safeguard your business. We will also assess the risks and impact associated with any disruption to your critical business processes, developing a continuity strategy to reduce risk, limit downtime and improve readiness.


Our Technology Risk Services (TRS) team is staffed with experienced professionals across all technology risk disciplines, including emerging areas such as cyber security, data analytics, and social media. We have the knowledge and practical experience to help you to manage your IT risk – before it becomes a problem for your business.

Data governance

Data storage technology has matured significantly in recent years, increasing organizations’ ability to lose mass amounts of business data. This represents a significant risk to most organizations. Our team of data governance experts can tailor services to meet your individual needs and ⁄ or data risks.

IT assurance & controls

Our IT Assurance team provides management with an independent view of how well their IT risks are being handled. It is important to find the right assurance partner who can provide expertise across the full spectrum of IT risks.
Whether you require a one-time project or a long-term partner, our team has expertise in traditional areas of IT risk, as well as, emerging areas (such as the cloud, mobile device management, and social media), and can tailor engagements to meet your needs.

Project assurance

A project that has not delivered what it was required to, has failed. Successful projects have strong management, a clear governance structure and leadership. Our Project Risk Assurance team can help your organization improve its ability to identify, address and mitigate risks. Our detailed project and program methodologies have been built from hands-on experience. You can benefit from the independent assurance and skills of our qualified team who have significant experience assuring major projects and systems implementation.

Regulatory compliance

Regardless of the industry your business operates in, there are inherent compliance and regulatory requirements to be met. You may have obligations to parties such as your shareholders, board of directors, industry regulator, customers, and business partners. In order to fulfill these obligations, using a recognized auditor to provide independent assurance is one of the most accepted methods of providing compliance.

Resilience services

Increasingly, internal and external pressures are driving most organizations to critically review their existing plans and processes for operational continuity. Fernhill’s services are delivered by experienced professionals who can provide planning support and an end-to-end solution. We take a phased approach, breaking our methodology into the components that meet your specific needs. As active members of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), we have vast experience assisting organizations in thinking through how their business could be affected, and developing robust plans to ensure operations continue.