Data Analytics & Effectiveness

  • Productivity & performance improvement
  • Vendor management
  • Process improvement
  • Cost rationalization
  • Contract compliance
  • Revenue strategy
  • Data analytics

Data Analytics

Data storage technology has matured significantly in recent years, increasing the ability for organizations to store mass amounts of business data. Increasing data volumes present new opportunities to businesses looking to find a competitive edge.
Intelligent use of data can drive insight into business processes, the workforce, supply chain management, and customer behaviour. Risk, compliance, and internal audit teams can transform their practice using data analysis techniques to provide creative solutions for compliance issues, fraud, and control breakdowns.
We offer a wide range of data services designed to ensure your data is complete and accurate, as well as advanced analytics to help you derive the greatest value from your data. Our team of analytics experts can tailor services to meet your individual needs.

Revenue Performance Management

Today sales directors and their teams are being asked to produce greater results than ever before - with fewer resources than ever before. As part of our Revenue Enhancement service, our team uses established methodologies and processes, to help organizations manage their revenue risks and grow their top lines consistently and profitably. 
Successful and sustainable revenue generation needs to be a function of rigorous, consistent, repeatable, and measurable business processes. Our team provides a range of diagnostics, planning and execution tools, and services to help organizations understand why they may not be reaching their sales potential. By addressing immediate problems in their revenue creation processes, we transform these workflows into sustainable, high-performance revenue-generating engines.

Our Services Include

  • Contract management process improvement 
  • Cost savings on existing contracts 
  • Contract cost & performance compliance 
  • Capital projects 
  • Supply chain risk 
  • Outsourcing contracts 
  • In-sourcing projects 
  • Enhancing the commercial strength & cost efficiency of contracts 
  • Contracts for complex projects 
  • Contract negotiations

Productivity Improvement

  1. Initial consultation define needs, references, communication, scheduled analysis.

  2. Analysis: schedule project, perform detailed studies, evaluate & qualify, define ROI project strategy, next steps.

  3. Development & implementation: define current position, applied training, process map, process observation, change management, troubleshooting, management systems, behaviour modeling.

  4. Perpetuation: ongoing audit, upgrade systems, monitor results.

Performance Improvement

We have extensive experience in analyzing and evaluating business processes in order to provide practical recommendations that improve efficiency, manage risks and improve performance. Our approach includes utilizing established techniques such as LEAN, Six Sigma and ‘Outside In’ analysis. 
We advocate a balanced, future-facing approach to KPI reporting and provide support in enabling management teams to get the right suite of indicators in place for their business.
Using our extensive experience of this significant aspect of performance management, we provide both general and sector-specific benchmarking services.


  • Document current processes
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Design new process required to achieve improvements
  • Plan implementation of process changes and training for appropriate individuals
  • Implement new processes
  • Monitor new processes to ensure desired results are achieved


For most organizations, contracts and commercial relationships play a vital role in achieving success. Businesses that are commercially astute, negotiate strong contracts, and have rigorous contract management processes in place, are at a distinct competitive advantage.
Our specialist team has extensive experience helping clients manage commercial contract risk to deliver enhanced value from their contractual relationships. We advise and support organizations in both the private and public sectors by:

  • Developing capability in knowledge, processes and controls to get the most out of contracts and contractual relationships; 
  • Recovering value lost from under-performing contracts; and 
  • Providing assurance that contracts and associated processes and controls are operating as intended.


We use a disciplined approach to help organizations control costs, increase efficiencies, reduce risks, and gain higher value from vendors. Our tools and research allow our clients to correctly select the vendor required to meet their unique set of needs and sort vendors to ensure the right contract, while providing metrics, assisting in determining the number of vendors needed, and establishing a suitable vendor managed organization.