• Strategic use of technology
  • outsourced CIO services
  • ERP implementations
  • IT due diligence
  • IT assessments

Strategic Use of Technology

outsourced CIO services

Our expertise in Information Systems Reviews and Operations Reviews provides us with the unique skill set to explore strategic partnerships, and better recommend the tested and enhanced use of technology by our clients.

IT Due Diligence

Our approach begins with getting to know you and your business well; then we develop a comprehensive fieldwork plan to meet your IT due diligence needs. We remain in close contact throughout, communicating the results of each step of the process from the initial meeting to information gathering, to fieldwork and reporting. Know and manage the IT risks associated with your acquisitions and divestitures. 

Pre-deal services 

  • IT due diligence services to help assess IT-related deal risks and opportunities during pre-bid or pre-close stages of a M&A transaction.

Post-deal services

  • IT merger integration services to plan, design, manage and implement post-deal integration of IT organizations, systems, data, processes and licenses / contracts. 
  • We are familiar with mergers, separations/carve-outs, various deal structures, associated challenges and nuances as well as many of the industry-specific needs that arise from an M&A transaction.

IT Assessments

  1. Strategy alignment
    It is essential that technology services are aligned to and support the corporate strategy. Technology initiatives must originate from and feedback into the overall plan.

  2. Staffing & procurement
    This considers how the IT group and its capabilities support the organization. It acknowledges both the structure, roles, and skills of internal IT as well as the procurement of external resources, including contract staff, outsourced functions, and third-party vendors.

  3. Resource management & allocation
    The project & program management aspect considers the prioritization and alignment of projects whereas the fiscal aspect accounts for the investment and financial resources required for IT initiatives and continued IT support for the business.

  4. Technology architecture & service delivery
    This considers the layers of technology and services that support the business such as systems integration, service management, data architecture, business processes, applications, hardware, connectivity, and system software. 

  5. Management & governance
    This addresses IT processes from start to finish which are required to support and manage the IT function. Governance relates to the overall policies, responsibilities and controls needed to manage the IT service and ensure compliance with the strategic direction and risk management.